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Super Moustik's not a whore.

2009-01-08 16:20:23 by SuperMoustikBros

First, Super Moustik and I wish you a very good year, full of mosquitos and punctures :D !

Don't worry guys and girls, Super Moustik Bros isn't dead at all ! A lot of projects will come trough months and years.
I guess you wanna know WHEN the next episod will arrive. Well, you'll have to wait 'til... february. No I don't take five full months to make such shorts animations but I prefer to create them when I'm in the good mood. And currently, the good mood's coming.
You may discover some things else in a while too...

By the way, you must be wondering about the journal's title.
Here is the answer.
You probably know Super Moustik Bros was on Myspace and Facebook too. When I subscribed on both websites, I did not know why so many people adored them, and why there were so... many.
And I saw. I still don't understand, but I saw several things that really disturbed me.
People exhib their identity, their face, their body, to anyone without knowing they are registered in a huge American database. Some persons are paid to violate persons' private life to register informations, or to observ their behavior to pollute our life in fonction of what they saw, by ads for example or maybe by some more scary projects... like EDVIGE in France.
I know everyone is not conscious of this, but some are.

And secondly, people and artists registered in one only aim : to make money, propagate their creations and to become famous.

In both cases this is simply prostitution. And I'm shocked to realize how many whores there are on Earth. Some exhib theirselves. Some prostitute their creations.
To be clear I just see image prostitution in these websites.
I am not a whore, what I do is not for fuck, Super Mosquito's not a whore too.
So I deleted both accounts.
Even if there were more than 4000 views for the World 1-1 on Myspace. Even if it could become famous. This is not what I want for now. Maybe when I create more episods.
So today, 5 accounts exist :
- Sheezyart (cool community)
- Deviantart (a... special community)
- This one, NewGrounds (huge active full of ideas and advices community)
- Vimeo
- Youtube
- Dailymotion

At this time I'm wondering why I'm on the last 3 sites.
There aren't more views than here. Almost no comments and advices. I think this site type's not the good platform yet.
And you... what do ya think about all of this ?


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